Vespa Magazine

Vee Magazine, the official Vespa magazine.


Group project with a colleague named Joao Pucci for the Publishing class at IED’s Master in Firenze, Italia. Our briefing was to design and produce a printed magazine for the Vespa company. The content had to be based on the “Vespa World” idea, and also to have a company’s products catalog.


After our research about the brand we realized that we had to deal with an inherent, once that we were dealing with a high level product but, at the same time, with simple origins.
So, we focused on these two concepts:

Where all those differences mix together, creating an unique and balanced product and the feeling that the pages, through the reading, are connected.


Size: 22x26cm
Perfect Binding<
3, 4 and 6 collumns based
30mm margins
Papers: Woodfree Uncoated 120gsm / Semi-gloss 135gsm / Semi-gloss 300gsm

Typefaces: Nexa Slab (PX Article) / Scala Pro (946 Article) / Chronicle Family (Body Text)

Flip it!

In some pages the user will find the “Layar” logo, wich indicates he’s able to use the application to have access to digital and special features in the magazine. Check how it works:

Digital Version

A making of video: the real produt production.

Rosso Typeface
Motion Graphics